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In Stock

$60 for 4" x 4" box, custom sizes available
Serving boards and bread boards in various widths and lengths
Placemats made of walnut, maple and cherry with cork backing - $15 per 9"x12" board, $20 for 12"x16". Available in several styles
Rolling pins of walnut, cherry and maple - $50 to 75 CDN, also available in junior baker size (half length) - $45
Boot jack - cherry, walnut and maple $40
Walnut 5"D x 11"H - $175 CDN

Made to Order

Sewing machine thread feeder - walnut and oak - $140
Oak and walnut basket weave, 6"H x 6"D - $450 CDN
3D platter, walnut, oak and cherry - 11"D x 1.5"H - $450 CDN

Custom Gates

Custom gates and planters made to order using your choice of design, inserts and hardware

Rocking Horses

Customized in your choice of poplar, maple, oak or birch - starting at $1100 CDN


Customized and sized to order
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